Five Ways to Repurpose Your Wine Fridge

Five Ways to Repurpose Your Wine Fridge

Did you know that your wine fridge can be used for purposes other than preserving and storing your wine? As the name implies, a wine fridge is initially meant for storing wine. But the good news is that you can repurpose your wine fridge 2 zone for various things other than wine bottles!

1. Storing Craft Beer

Most wine fridges have dual zones. Dual zones mean separate zones with adjustable temperatures for storing red and white wine. Most craft beers are served at lower temperatures than your standard refrigerator. Craft beers are excellent when kept in one of the two zones available in dual-zone-wine-coolers. You don’t have to worry about the ample space and size of your craft beer because they fit nicely into the special wine shelf of your dual zone wine cooler.

2. Storing Mineral Water

It is recommended to serve premium mineral water at eight to ten degrees celsius. These temperatures are warmer than the ones offered by your standard kitchen refrigerator. Your wine fridge operates the recommended temperature requirements for mineral water in the white wine section. Alternatively, if your white wine section does not automatically run at the recommended temperature, you can adjust it.

3. Storing Chocolate

Chocolates are usually very hard to store. However, they are ideally stored at temperatures lower than your average room temperature. The temperature required for storing chocolate is around the one needed to keep your red wine. So, if you have a dual-zone wine cooler, you can store your chocolate in the red wine section. Purchase a stainless-steel tray, so your chocolate does not fall through your wine shelves. An important tip: Do not use any wine tray that will rust from humidity and temperature. Ensure that the tray you are buying is 304 grade certified.

4. Storing Vermouth

Many people store their vermouth at room temperature. However, they are better preserved when stored in a wine fridge. They are perfectly preserved when stored in the red wine section. Ensure that you constantly check the temperature of your red wine section and adjust it when needed to protect your vermouth.

5. Storing Champagne

Storing champagne is tricky. Ideally, they should be stored at thirteen degrees celsius. Many dual zone wine coolers can achieve the required temperature at either the red or white zone. You should consider buying a dual-zone wine cooler if champagne is a part of your daily intake. You can visit our wine cooler shop for more information on choosing the best wine cooler for your champagne.

6. Storing Fruits and Vegetables

It is essential to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh if you plan to shop less frequently. You can use your wine fridge to achieve that. Either zone of the wine fridge provide the ideal temperature for your fruit and vegetables. So, whether you are storing your fruits in the red or white wine zone, your fruits and vegetables will stay fresh.

Final Thoughts

This article has highlighted some of the items you can store using your wine fridge. Therefore, now is the time to plug in your new wine fridge and keep some cheese or chocolate! You will be surprised to know how versatile these wine fridge coolers are.